Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Horse Transportation Service

Depending on journey length, horses will be offered water regularly during transportation. We are happy for your horse to have a hay net during transportation. We do ask that you supply the hay part in case your horse has certain requirements or allergies. 

We are happy to deal with bad loaders and do so on a regular basis. We ask you notify us in advance so we can adequately plan for this and allow enough time to undertake the job properly. We use several methods to encourage your horse into the vehicle and will fully inform you during this process to make sure you are happy to proceed. On the rare occasion that a vet needs to be called to sedate the animal you will be liable for this additional cost and any additional time waiting for us. 

Provided we have sufficient room we are happy to take things such as tack, wheel barrows, rugs etc. If you want any rubber mats taken we ask that they are rolled up and clean. 

This is entirely your decision. We are happy to go with or without. Certainly, when the weather is warmer we would advise to travel without rugs even though our lorries have cooling fans. We carry travelling boots if necessary. 

We have a legal responsibility to have public liability insurance as well as hire and reward. However, as part of our terms and conditions it is the responsibility of owners to insure their own horses. 

It is a legal requirement for us to have the passport when transporting your horse however long or short the journey is. There are certain exemptions such as emergency veterinary trips etc, but transportation can be refused if the passport is not available and you may be held liable for the costs involved. 

Unfortunately, we do not offer self-drive lorries. We do hire the horse trailer out for self-towing provided you have the required license, vehicle and insurance to do so. 

We are more than happy for people to travel with us. Please bear in mind that if you are moving yards for example, that you have a means to get home. This is because we may not be able to drop you off after as we may be going off in another direction after dropping your horse. 

Charges are based on a combination of mileage, time and number of horses. It’s best to give us a call or email to discuss your requirements and then we can provide an exact quotation. Where possible we will do shared loads to reduce the cost to yourselves.

We are happy to accept cash, cheque, bank transfer or we can also accept credit and debit cards in person. Please note all payments should be made in advance or at the point of drop off. Credit/invoicing is only offered when arranged in advance. 

Our lorries are designed to be adapted depending on the type of horses being travelled. Whether that is boxed in for a mare and foal or open fronting for yearlings, so they don’t try to jump over the breast bar. We have full length padded partitions and sniffer boards. 


In the event you have to cancel we ask that you give more than 48 hours’ notice. Unfortunately, if less then we ask for a £50 payment to cover administration and loss of possible work. This 48 hour notice period can be waived if the horse cannot travel on medical grounds and a vet’s report can be provided stating this.