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Horse Transport Company Bath

As an established family-run horse transport company in Bath, we have had the pleasure of helping many clients relocate and move their horses all over the country over the course of 60 years. Our experienced team have worked with many high profile event riders and racehorse trainers and have transported competition horses to national races, HOYS, and other famous events. As well as providing professional horse transport for competition horses, we can also assist equestrian enthusiasts with yard relocations, vet visits, transport to local events and more. Although we are based in Somerset, we offer transport throughout the UK. To find out more or book a service, please get in touch.

Pete Rawlings


Pete has been working with horses for over 60 years, so brings a wealth of equestrian experience to the table. Having been brought up around horses from a very young age, Pete became passionate about equines and progressed to become a point-to-point jockey.

Ever since then, he has provided horse transportation services for all kinds of clients, from members of the Royal family and famous racehorse trainers to local Pony Club enthusiasts and happy hackers. His extensive understanding and knowledge of horses means he can quickly form relationships and trust with his equine clients, resulting in stress-free loading for a happy horse and owner.

Steve Rawlings


Steve, Pete’s son, has been working for the family business for over ten years. He has been around horses all his life and is an asset to the family business. With a deep understanding of horses and their behaviour, he has a range of techniques to load even the most difficult horses.

UK Horse Transporters

We offer equine transportation services across the UK. As we are located near many major roads including the A36, A4, M4, M5 and A303, we are well placed to provide transport to and from anywhere in the UK. So, if you are selling a pony and need it transporting from the North to the South, or you need your mare taken to stud halfway across the country, you can rely on us for timely and professional equestrian transportation.

Horse transportation

We Have Never Failed to Load a Horse

We are proud to say that in our 60 years of trading, we have never failed to load a horse or pony. Unlike other horse transport companies out there, when you book our services, the well-being of your horse is our number one priority. We won’t rush you or pressure you or your horse, as we know that horses load better when they feel safe and comfortable. As a result, we are highly patient and never cause a stressful situation for the horse or owner because we know that is when problems start to occur. So, if you need reliable and patient equine transportation services, call us to make a booking.

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For further information about our horse transport company in Bath, or to book a journey with us, please get in touch.